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membered● that conversation and gone ahead, only t▓o find that he was right. When p●apa said he must go back to the plantati


on, mamm●a thought it a great risk, as he● was so far from strong.She urged him to take● another week’s rest; but he said he mus●t go; there was to be a meeting in Ge●orgetown to determine something abou▓t the public schools, and he must be ther●e.He would take two days on the drive● through the co

untry home, a▓nd rest two days before the ●meeting, for it was most impor?/p>

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駎ant.He left us March 18, Friday, promising t●o return to us the next Sunday week▓. About a week after he l▓eft, early in t


he morning, a messeng▓er came up on horseback with a note from Mr.Be▓lflowers.He thought it his duty ●to let mamma know that he thought papa an il▓l man.He had attended a meeting in Ge▓orgetown in very inclement weather, whe●n he was so far from well{202} that he had● a mattress put in the carryall, and lay o●n that instead of going in the c▓arriage.He was afraid “the governor,” as he c▓ontinued to call papa, would no▓t like it if he knew he was writing this, but he● had to do it.Mamma ordered the carriage▓ at once and we prepared to start on th▓e journey.By the mail which came in just be▓fore we started, a letter came from p▓apa

to her, saying he had taken a bad c▓old and wished very much he could● come back and put himself u▓nder her care.That was so much for him to ad●mit that she felt she could ▓name the letter as the cause of h●er coming and not betray Mr.Belflowers.It was ▓dreadful to have no quicker means of g●oing.We started at nine o’clock; that night ●we spent at Mrs.Fryer’s, about half-way.▓ The next morning we started by daw▓n, met a fresh pair of horses, Mr.Belflower●s sent to meet us at union Church, and reac●hed Chicora about five in the▓ afternoon. When we go

t to Chicora ●we found papa very ill.He had pneumonia.▓ He was very happy

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to see us a▓nd did not inquire why we came.It seemed qui●te natural to him that we did come.▓Doctor Sparkman, the same who had ▓saved his life at The Meadows when ●they were both young, was in atte▓ndance and was perfectly devoted.{203} Stephen w●as in constant attendance and very▓ efficient, also a very faithfu▓l man named John Locust


, sent by ▓my cousin, William Allan Allston, o▓ver from Waccamaw.As soon as I came I was e▓stablished in the position of head nurse, f▓or I had always had a turn fo▓r nursing and at school had nursed all● the sick girls and got the nic●kname of Miss Nightingale.I was truly tha▓nkful for my experience now, f

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